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Meet our team of instructors that will take you through your class, help you connect to your body, and find your 50 minutes of escape. Each instructor comes to Tunnel with an extensive fitness background and passion for the pilates practice.



Co-Founder / Instructor / Lead Trainer

Kelly’s career began as a personal trainer at the Instagram sensation gym DOGPOUND in New York City. At nineteen she had racked up a clientele including Victoria Secret Models, Olympians, American Ballet Theater ballerinas, and pop music star Taylor Swift. When she turned twenty one she auditioned for her dream job, Soulcycle, at a time only four percent of applicants were accepted into their training program. She got the job. In 2022, Kelly started a new venture coaching pilates at a boutique chain in Los Angeles. There she grew an exclusive following within months and realized her attention to detail with clients as well as use of matching the intensity of movement to the drive of music was something making her distinct when compared to all other instructors in the area. Quickly, Kelly discovered her own method of programming pilates classes was an advantage immensely juxtaposing the teaching styles of other pilates studios in the area.



Corinne has been a mover & groover since the young age of 3 years old. Unable to make it through a grocery store run without throwing a cartwheel in the aisles, her parents enrolled her in dance classes, and that was only the beginning. Corinne trained as a competitive dancer in Nashville, TN, before moving to Memphis, TN, to pursue dance both at the collegiate and professional levels. Eager for more, she moved to Los Angeles, CA, in 2021 to further her career professionally, having danced for the NBA's LA Clippers Spirit Dance Team and Lume Dance Collective. With dance comes the need for agility, strength and stamina, which is where Corinne fell in love with fitness. Pilates quickly became a source for her to train outside of dance and continue to build the strength needed for an active and healthy lifestyle. She's stoked to be a part of the Tunnel team and to help others fall in love with Pilates like she has!




Kristen grew up in New York and has been living in California for the past three years. She was a competitive gymnast and track athlete which helped propel her into loving fitness. Kristen turned to Pilates after her second knee injury as a way to stay in shape and help rebuild her strength without much impact, and it has become a regular part of her fitness routine.



Jade grew up in Gilbert, AZ as a competitive dancer all through high school before she moved to Orange County, CA to get her B.S. in Business Administration and Minor in Dance at Chapman University. Through her favorite teacher at Chapman, she fell in love with Pilates and became mat-certified. She loved how Pilates strengthened her body and assisted her stability in dance. After college, she made the move to Los Angeles to dance for the LA Clippers Spirit Dance Team for two seasons. Some of her other credits include Nike, Netflix, Saweetie, Tyga, and YG. Pilates has been a great addition to her fitness regime to keep up her strength, stamina, and balance and help her live an active lifestyle. She is beyond excited to be a part of Tunnel and help build the Pilates community in Los Angeles.




Tori is originally from New York, but has lived in LA for the past decade. She grew up as a competitive gymnast and has always loved fitness. After quitting gymnastics, she got really into running, but always wanted to find something a little more low impact to balance it out. After discovering pilates she was hooked with how intense and low impact the workout is. She’s extremely excited to be a part of the tunnel team!



Sophia grew up in France and Los Angeles. She went to school in Santa Monica and Venice, so she is a local to the area. Sophia got into lifting weights about 3 years ago and loves anything active such as bike riding and hiking. However, she began to feel weight lifting was becoming a bit repetitive and stagnant after a while so she tried pilates and loved how different it felt in her body. She found it to be a fun challenge because of the different muscles the method worked and the training style. Sophia admits she also neglected training abs before finding pilates because she found it a boring muscle group to train. Tunnel has been the only way for Sophia to get a stronger core while still having a good time.




Bri grew up in a small town in North Dakota before moving to Seattle four years ago, and most recently, Hermosa Beach, CA. She began teaching yoga in Seattle after years of practicing and loved being a part of an active community and building connections with students. After a serious ski injury a few years ago, she looked to pilates to build back strength and balance. The workout had her coming back for more after seeing amazing results, and the community built around it made her want to be an instructor. She loves being a part of students' fitness journeys, wherever they find themselves, and being a positive advocate for movement and overall wellness. 



Nadia is simply obsessed with all things movement, embodying movement as medicine.  Her love for pilates kicked off five years ago when Pilates became a daily practice for her.  In this time, she has become masterfully skilled in her practice across all sort of Pilates movement.  Nadia swears by contemporary reformer Pilates (which is what originally brought her to Tunnel!) and loves that no matter what, it’s always a challenge!  Her approach is to blend traditional movement with others you haven’t seen before, all while kicking your *ss along to some of her favorite music. 

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