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First-Time Clients

we can't wait to have you in class!

The Workout

Tunnel Pilates is a 50 minute pilates experience. We have two studio spaces in our Venice location to offer both contemporary reformer and mat pilates classes.


Expect a cutting edge pilates workout flow set to
carefully curated playlists while under smoked lights. Our pristine instructors will demonstrate on a
machine or mat for you and provide one on one attention to make sure you are getting the most out of
your time with us.

Tunnel is an inclusive experience. We provide many modifications for every level and type of

Our workout heavily relies on the concept of progressive overload. Progressive overload is the
drilling of the same muscle group over and over. With slow controlled movement we burn isolated
muscle groups until you feel like you must take a break. So yes, breaks are encouraged! No matter
how advanced you are you will always need to take a break at some point. Even if you get
stronger, the workout will never get easier due to advanced modifications offered in class. If
someone can take class without breaks...they are probably doing it wrong!


Please Arrive 15 Minutes Early

We want you to feel settled and as prepared as possible before your first class. Please arrive early so we can check you in, give you a tour, and introduce you to the reformer.


There is a parking lot in the back of our building. Parking is free for 90 minutes and requires validation between 8am-2pm (not necessary outside of that time frame). There is also street parking in front of our building as well as on the surrounding side streets!


Grip Socks + Towels + Mats

Grip socks are mandatory for all classes to ensure safety. If you do not own a pair or forgot yours at home, don't stress! We sell them in the studio.

We offer free towel service in the studio.

For mat classes, we provide mat rentals for $3 each class. If you do not wish to rent a mat we encourage you to bring your own. Unlimited members get free mat rental service.

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