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Reformer & Mat Pilates

Tunnel Pilates Online Now Available

not your average virtual pilates studio

the method

Tunnel Pilates is an experience unlike your average pilates class. Our scientifically backed pilates methods are designed to improve both mental and physical strength.

We’re all about building lean muscle mass and strengthening the core. To keep it simple: the more muscle you build, the higher your basal metabolic rate is and more energy you’ll continue to burn after you leave the studio!

We offer three signature classes: Full Body Burn, Infrared Heated Pilates, and Sculpt & Stretch. Tunnel was created to help you get in the zone and focus on how the workout feels instead of looks. We hope that every time you enter tunnel, you find 50 minutes of escape to connect with yourself.


the classes


Our full body burn class incorporates traditional Reformer Pilates while intensifying the training style to reach complete muscle exhaustion while flowing to carefully curated playlists. Our multidimensional technique consists of resistance, high intensity interval, and flexibility training on a reformer. 


The Heated Reformer class takes our Full Body Burn class and adds a twist by using infrared heaters to heat the room to 85 degrees to intensify the workout for maximum mental and physical benefits. Infrared heat has proven to help the body release toxins, ease stress, and strengthen cardiovascular health.


Introducing our new class format sculpt & stretch. This class was inspired by our founder’s dance backgrounds. Sculpt & stretch will take place in an infrared heated room at 85 degrees and will include 30 minutes of sculpting on the reformer, followed by 20 minutes of stretching.


Our contemporary rendition of mat pilates. This class will target multiple muscle groups at once while providing a full body workout. BALA props are utilized to enhance your flow.


This class is our standard mat pilates class under infrared heaters to get your heart rate up and assist your body in detoxing.
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